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Specialist Executive and Management recruitment.



"The last two years will be remembered as a time of enforced restrictions and change. Everyone has been obliged to work under the 'new normal' of distance working and approaching every interaction between colleages from a completely different perspective.

I have been in recruitment for over 28 years at executive level, with particular specialisms in Leisure, Manufacturing and Engineering, but essentially really specialising at the vacancy level, rather than any particular industry. But common to all is now the very real need to utilise the various online video conferencing platforms to replace the traditional face-to-face interview process.

The fundamentals of interview preparation and finding the right fit for every opportunity, however, remains unchanged. I work individually on a strong one-to-one basis with each client, discussing beyond just the individual role brief, to make sure the successful candidate is as much a culture fit as being right for the job itself. 

That means 'New World' recruitment at all levels, but especially at Executive and Senior Manager level includes a special focus on video presentational skills and powerful screen-based interviewing techniques.

Additionally, my specialist approach to multi-site Project Recruitment, through presenting structured Assessment Centres, has always proved successful and the use of video technology now allows this approach to also be fully structured online to eliminate multi-participant assessments in person.

This is why my clients come back to me time and time again and why I concentrate on business from referrals.


Please use this site for more details or why not contact to me to discover how we can work together?"