Playing the 'wild-card'

Wouldn't the world be an easier place if one size just happened to fit all?

If senior level recruitment was all about just picking someone off the shelf then that world would not need recruiters anyway.

Just like a made-to-measure suit, added value is always assumed when the end product is tailored.

That is why every Client I represent will receive that tailored, bespoke, made-to-measure approach. Only in that way will the successful candidate be, not only right for the opportunity to be filled, but will also be a cultural fit to the company, dynamic, focussed and able to contribute from the first day.

Every candidate is extensively searched for by me personally. I do not outsource the search or use AI programmes that will only give results based on the criteria inputted. Once I am fully embedded in the reasons behind the appointment and the direction that successful candidate will take, then only by taking that hands-on, dedicated approach can I be sure the job will be done right.

Sometimes the best job description in the world will not get you the best candidate. Your next senior level appointment could be a wild-card choice who on paper at least, does not tick all the boxes, but has built boxes in their career you may not have even thought of.

Perhaps your next senior level appointment doesn't even know if they want to move in the first place. Are they likely to respond to an advertisement they are not even looking for?

Engaging a top Recruiter means that untapped talent can be reached and only a dedicated and personal Recruiter can make that connection on your behalf.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


Crossing the Finish Line

Producing a short list of winners

If your company has a multi-site structure or is expanding, therefore requiring multiple candidates at the same time, or over a planned period, then the needs of such a project presents a new set of challenges.

In my career as a top Recruiter, I have been asked to assist with many such projects and the method that has always proved to be effective is the use of Assessment Centres.

Tailoring the actual assessment day or days is as bespoke as the need for just one candidate and will be designed for just that requirement. However, an assessment centre should not be about scattergun involvement producing numbers for attendance sake.

My approach is to only produce assessment centre candidates who individually, are already ideal for the job. The day itself should be about how many of the attendees the client is ready to make an offer to straight away and that can only be achieved by having the right people in the room to begin with.

Plus now, with the onset of new restrictions possible at any time, the online-based assessment centre approach is gaining in popularity to minimise the risk of any infection spreading.

Whether in person or via video technology, if the Assessment Centre approach interests you, please contact me to discuss in more depth accordingly.


On a Video Call

Your best candidate may already work for you!

Yes, a Recruiter that is prepared to state that you may not need to look for new staff at all!

Forming a close working relationships with my clients means that value can be added in, perhaps, more surprising ways.

Acting as a independent Consultant across your business for your staffing needs means that I will get under the skin of your company and culture.

This involves video calling your staff individually to discuss their ambitions and desires and to identify their coaching and training opportunities.

This structured, independent approach, undertaken outside of normal line management, could result in your next managerial or executive appointment being identified as already amongst your current staff!

Using an internal assessment centre approach with groups of employees, could also identify competencies that may offer opportunities for change that had not been previously thought of.

Such an independent review of staff would be much more cost effective than dealing with unexpected employee turnover. 

Please contact me for more details.