Our Operations Director had worked with Carol before in previous businesses, so Carol came highly recommended. When we discussed the recruitment approach for the rapidly expanding business, Carol presented clear and structured ideas for recruitment events and selection processes that fit perfectly with what we were trying to achieve.
Carol brings an exceptional ability to understand what a business is trying to achieve, and the characteristics required in potential candidates. Rather than provide mountains of candidates and rely on us to select appropriate people, Carol delivered a handful of perfect applicants for us to interview. The candidates were of such high quality and were such a good match to the company that we often had difficulty deciding who to employ; we didn’t want to let any of them go! 
Carol often presented us with people she had engaged with that were a great fit for our company, even when we weren’t actively recruiting for a specific job role. This presented some great opportunities that we wouldn’t have considered before.
The biggest advantage of working with Carol for me was knowing that – without any real work on my part – we would be presented with exceptional candidates, who were already briefed on the company and where we were trying to get to, who were already on board with what we were doing and who were exactly what we were looking for – all without the candidate searching and CV screening, without interviewing people who look right on paper but clearly aren’t a great fit during interview. Our recruitment process became so simple; tell Carol we had a vacancy, interview a few candidates, and then employ the perfect person for the job. Having Carol retained meant that we could just repeat for all of our vacancies.